There are a few ways in which payment to the escort can be made, we predominantly accept cash and bank transfers for advanced bookings, however, those who sign up to be Black Book Elite members can enjoy the freedom of using credit cards, bank transfers, and of course cash.We accept the majority of all main currencies, however payment in foreign currency will incur a 10% surcharge for the exchange commission. 
Discretion is paramount to us at Black Book Elite for both you the client and our escorts, many of the escorts represented by Black Book Elite have lives, families, and careers outside of escorting, thus it is imperative that all meetings between you and our lovely escorts are handled through us, if you decide to form relations with one of our escorts without our knowing we assume no responsibility or liability if any problems arise from such indiscretion, we strongly advise you take the easy route and allow us to make your time spent with our escorts easy, fun and most of all private and discreet.

Your details are never disclosed to a third party outside of our Black Book Elite London Agency. All our escorts and staff sign a legal non-disclosure agreement, with the knowledge that she will be pursued with legal action should she ever share any information about the agency or the clients. In addition, our website is fully encrypted thus your online privacy is totally secure.

Unquestionably, we methodically screen and get to know each and every one of our escorts to ensure we are always successful in appointing you the correct model.We visit all of our escorts at their in-call locations for a number of different reasons.

We at Black Book Elite go above and beyond to guarantee all elements of your encounters with our escorts run flawlessly,it is important for us to visit our escorts in-call locations as we often hear stories of clients having in-call appointments with escorts from other agencies and finding out the location is in a bad area and or the escort's residence isn't clean, safe or welcoming.

We can 100% guarantee every Black Book Elite escort has a suitable in-call location and looks like their images displayed on our site.We also ask our escorts to show us a few different outfits from their wardrobes to ensure if you the client needed a corporate escort for a formal work function, our lovely escorts would dress appropriately. We hope you can appreciate the extents we go to make your experience with our lovely ladies as easy and enjoyable as possible.
unfortunately no, our escorts choose to work with us to avoid all unnecessary communication, they are available exclusively in person to our much-valued clientele by appointment only.

We handle all of the tricky parts to ensure you and our lovely escorts enjoy and explore each other hassle freely. However, if you have any special requests in regards to your booking with our escorts we are more than happy to deliver the message.
The more notice you give us the better although we are able to complete short notice bookings for certain models however due to our escorts personal lives and the fact many of them have careers and other obligations short notice appointments are not always the greatest type. For example, if you have been pondering the thought of booking a specific escort for a while and decided to contact us 15 minutes before the intended date it is highly unlikely she will be available, compared to if you called us a few days earlier or even a day earlier. In order to fulfil your requirements, we ask for as much notice as you can give to help the date run as smoothly as possible.
Payment for the models time should be given to her within the first 5-10 minutes of your meeting, please be a gentleman and do this without being asked to ensure the date isn't awkward. 

The main aim of your meeting is to have a stress free, fun date without any complications. We strive to make this possible for you so please be curious and handle the payment aspect at the very beginning of the meeting.
In-call simply means the selected escort is able to take bookings in her apartment, while out-call means the desired escort is available for bookings at your residence or hotel.

If you see there are only rates for 'In-call' on specific models stats information, this means she is only willing to take appointments in her apartment, the same applies for 'out-call only' bookings.
Certainly, we are more than happy to book hotels on your behalf, however, we need the complete funds in our possession beforehand and then we can start booking, additionally our membership package has various other benefits in relation to things such as booking hotels please see our 'membership' page to find out more about the benefits of being a black book elite VIP member.
We at Black Book Elite do not view ourselves as the typical agency we are more like a family, we have great, honest relationships with our lovely escorts and strive to have the same relationship with our clients we really do make it a priority of ours to far exceed the standard service many clients are given elsewhere. We refuse to represent any escorts who do not meet our strict standards, our name is very important to us and we refuse to represent those who could do anything to tarnish it.

We want our valued clients to buy into the black book elite brand as an honest, caring and informative agency who will do everything in their power to make your meetings with our lovely escorts as stress-free, and enjoyable as possible. Feedback and client satisfaction is so very important to us we would find it greatly useful if you could leave us feedback of your meetings with our lovely escort and feedback on the staff you've encountered we have been told by some of our most affluent and experienced clients that we have the best customer service they've ever received from any agency.
Many of our clients enjoy having a lovely companion to travel with all of our girls are able to travel in one way or another. We have models who are able to travel internationally without restriction and there are models who have travelling restrictions. In order for your travel booking to be successful we need the following information:

  • The selected model/models you'd like to travel with
  • The location of the trip
  • The duration of the trip
  • The start and end date of the trip
  • Any other information you think would be useful for us to know
Once we have all of the mandatory information from you everything from this point is left in our capable hands we will contact the selected model to find out if she is able to fulfil your requirements and get back to you within a reasonable time.

It is advisable before making a travel booking to spend at least 1 hour with the selected model you intend to travel with, this ensures that both parties are familiar with each other and will have a great trip also if you find the selected model not the perfect match for you, it's easy for you to change the selected model before the lengthy travel booking.

We must receive 100% of the fees for the travel booking beforehand as well as the escorts plane ticket (to and from destination).

"Pleasure is often spoiled by describing it." -Stendhal. 

We feel that your encounter with our lovely escorts should be magical, enigmatic, and special, unlike many other agencies it is our preference to not allow reviews on our escorts as it is for you the client to embark on an undiscovered world of fun, passion, and most of all mystery we are fully confident that our escorts are the best in the business and we do have great feedback we are willing to advise you which escorts are best suited to your desires and can offer you a general insight into the feedback received, however, we feel a reviews system is over exposing and takes away the personal connection you have with our escorts.
Absolutely, we are always interested in endorsing the newest, and best escorts please see our employment page if you feel you would like to become a black book elite escort.
We offer an outstanding service to both non-members and members the distinction between the two is purely down to what type of client you are if you are the type of person that seeks 'more' then we advise you to become a member please see our membership page to find out the benefits of becoming a member.
We at black book elite have a large array of escorts who only choose to work with us this means that you will not be able to find them through any other agency they've given us the great honor to represent them exclusively. We have to put this down to our great customer service, professionalism and the elite clientele we have. 

We are often looking for the 'exclusive' girls as we feel it's only right our clients receive as service they can't find anywhere else. It's part of black book elites ethos to go the extra mile in comparison to other agency this is why we can proudly say we are the most elite and discreet agency in London.
Our models set their own rates as it stands the rates provided are non-negotiable, however, we do offer a loyalty points system as a thank you for our loyal customers who use BBE often, this is the only way we can offer a discounted rate please enquire with one of our lovely receptionists to find out more about this system.
Absolutely, we are a modern agency and we understand WhatsApp is a go to for many who live a fast pace life we now take WhatsApp bookings for members only, if you'd like to benefit from these extra perks please see our membership page and sign up.

Terms and conditions

Escorts must be treated in a respectful manner, we would marginalise this by what a normal personal would deem respectful, we understand clients have requests and potential ideas that may push the boundaries which we are more than happy to accommodate however it is solely up to the escort to determine what she deems acceptable.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not given on discounted rates

We are happy to refund you on the grounds; the issue was down to the escorts wrongdoings.

Refunds are not rewarded to clients who the escort deem disrespectful / not acting in a way a normal personal would consider acceptable.

Black Book Elite have the right to bring about legal action on all escorts listed on the Black Book Elite website who refuse to pay commission , we also have the legal right to expose the identity of all escorts who do not follow t&c's in betterment to save other innocent parties.(Please contact our legal team for further information)