Well, first of all it takes much more than just a pretty face to become a black book elite escort, we look for girls who have a certain energy, those who are fun, free spirited, and can make the most nervous of person comfortable around them. Being an elite escort is a profession which has sadly been polluted with a large number of girls who are just not up to the elite standard even though they may come with a hefty price tag, our lovely ladies at black book elite are the epitome of what an elite, modern escort should be.

What We Look For 

  • A Great, vibrant personality
  • Beautiful inside and out
  • Great dress sense
  • Great conversation 
  • Intelligent 
  • Great sense of humour
  • Calm 
  • Patient 
  • Elite mindset 
  • Enjoys travelling
  • Fluent in English? other languages are advantageous 
  • Refined taste 
  • Honest 
  • Lastly do you have that sparkle in your eyes which separates black book elite escorts from the rest.?

If you feel you match the above criteria you could be on your way to joining the elite troop of black book elite escorts. There are several perks attached to working with Black Book Elite, firstly view ourselves as a family and treat all our lovely escorts with much respect, we would like to think we have great relationships with our escorts that are based on honesty and trust. Secondly, we have some of the best clients, who are well dressed, kind, influential gentlemen who enjoy being in the company of elite escorts, we always make sure our clients have been thoroughly screened as safety is paramount to us at black book elite. Last but not least, opportunity, as we provide the most elite escorts, in return you will meet the most elite of gentlemen and create great memories. Our elite escorts travel to some of the most luxurious countries, stay in the best hotels and attend the most exclusive parties all while getting paid to do so, sounds like a dream job? well it could be if you genuinely enjoy escorting and all it has to offer we hope to hear from you soon 

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