Best London Hotels

London luxury hotels

The best time to visit London is usually during spring (March to May) and fall (September through October). Although there are lots of tourists in London during these months, the city is not as crowded as at the height of summer, when the weather is especially nice. You can enjoy the charm of London without a hot climate, if you are willing to plan your trip in advance with an elite private concierge service Black Book Elite. A well thought out itinerary is the key to a successful and pleasant stay in this beautiful city. Here are some of the best London hotels for classy girls:

This luxury hotel is located near St Pancras station and is perfectly located for a short weekend break or a long business trip. There are many luxurious guestrooms available to suit every budget, from deluxe to ultra-cramped. The hotel has a wonderful rooftop pool and is the perfect location for a romantic weekend break with delicious food, wine and conversation. If you are planning a visit to the West End, this would be a good place to start. There are many trendy shops and restaurants.

London's most exclusive hotels are scattered around the city and they are conveniently located. They are perfect for weekend breaks or business trips. One such five-minute spot is the rags to riches Bed and Breakfast London, which is centrally located and close to the heart of central London. The beautifully appointed rooms have been recently refurbished to both look great and feel luxurious. The beautifully decorated parlor has been restored and you will feel like royalty when you arrive. The breakfast is served in real maple bar and you can even have your choice of honey courses, scones and English breakfast.

If you are looking for a perfect place to unwind after a hard day, you should visit The Ritz Hotel. Situated in an 18th century palace it is one of the best hotels in London. You will get to experience fine dining and amazing views of Central London. The Ritz Hotel is a fine blend of European luxury and contemporary design and you will feel like a king or queen when you enjoy fine dining, late afternoon tea and complimentary drinks at the Ritz Hotel.

If you are feeling pampered, you should try the best hotels in London like the St Pancras in London. The St Pancras is one of the oldest hotels in London and they are famous for their wonderful views of the River Thames as well as their amazing architecture. The comfortable amenities and the charming atmosphere make it a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

If you are looking for comfort and convenience you should visit Liverpool's Little Venice on your way to the best hotels in Liverpool. It is located in the heart of the city and offers you a very pleasant and comfortable accommodation. This lovely hotel is surrounded by trendy shops and boutiques and is just a short walk from the River Mersey. You will get to experience first hand the true character of Liverpool with this hotel. In the Little Venice you can indulge in delicious Italian food and explore the many museums in and around the area.

If you want to experience a taste of traditional Indian fare then you should try the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate that is one of the best hotels in London that is a four-star hotel with over 200 guestrooms. The Taj offers you a variety of excellent restaurants that offer you delicious food that you can enjoy while exploring central London. If you stay at the Taj, you will feel like coming back to Leningrad twenty four years after you first visited this beautiful city.

If you want to be pampered and you want to feel like a king of London then you should try the luxury accommodation offered by the Taj London. You will be treated to fantastic views of Central London from your luxury room. A special morning tea service will allow you to have an afternoon tea in luxury with your loved ones. You will feel like a celebrity when you stay at the Taj London and if you are looking for a place to go and unwind after a long day you should consider booking your stay at the Taj London.